Bringing the ‘one day’ to today

One Day P.A. is Geelong’s leading lifestyle management company, here to make your life easier by taking you from overwhelmed to organised.

We know the overwhelming feeling of having tasks on your to-do list that you keep telling yourself you’ll get to “one day”, but with the busy lives we all lead, carving out time to take control of your life admin is difficult. Hundreds of households and businesses turn to the One Day P.A. team for organising services and there are very few situations we can’t tackle.

Your dedicated organiser works with you to get to know your unique needs, clear your to-do list and set up sustainable systems to help maintain order within your life.

Creating time for you and your family and making your life more organised is what we’re all about.

Meet the Team 

Danita Eastman

Director and Operations Manager

The link that holds the chain together, Danita is the first person you will make contact with on your journey to becoming more organised. She takes care of all of the important ‘invisible’ jobs and ensures our clients receive the five star service One Day P.A. is known for.

She is all about keeping things running smoothly and ensuring our clients are wowed every step of the way. Her days are filled with juggling schedules, chatting with clients, and making sure our crew is on point in the field.

Off-duty, you’ll find her rocking the mum life with her sidekick, Josh and three kiddos. She is all about soaking up time with family and friends, catching a game, and unwinding with a well-deserved glass of wine.


One Day P.A. - Kitchen

Maddy Squires

Director and Lead Organiser

Maddy is a self-confessed perfectionist and a talented problem-solver with a penchant for true crime podcasts. 

It brings her great joy to make our clients’ lives easier by creating organisational systems to suit their personal needs. Having decluttered and styled toy rooms, garages, sewing rooms, laundries and pantries, just to name a few she knows every trick in the book on how to make a space work best for you. She investigates, asks questions, brainstorms and validates to create spaces that not only look beautiful, but function at their best. She is particularly talented at creating lasting systems for the neuro-spicy brained among us!

Occasionally she does switch her organising brain off, and when this happens she can usually be found spending time with horses and her partner, James.



Thylla Shapter

Senior Organiser

Thylla is the creative force behind the ONE DAY P.A. team. With a passion for all things interior styling and organisation, Thylla brings a unique perspective to the team. She firmly believes that everything needs to be functional, not just pretty. 

Thylla is always eager to roll up her sleeves and tackle any challenge that comes her way. Her fearless attitude and willingness to try new things makes her an invaluable asset to the team. 


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