Listen up, folks. Automation will make your life easier.  If you’re not already on the bandwagon, you need to be. I love it because it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER, boosts my productivity and frees me up to spend time doing the things I love with family and friends .

Automation is a great way to minimise the amount of time you spend on tedious, time-consuming tasks. It takes a little time to set up but then you’re up and away ‘Set it, forget it’

So, the more tasks you automate = the more free time in your schedule = more time to spend doing things you really love with the people you love.

Here are some ideas and applications I currently use.

Passwords. Urgh. Why are there so many damn passwords these days? It’s impossible to remember them all. I used to write them down on a secret squirrel piece of paper. Not anymore! Enter, LastPass – password management made easy. Think of it as an online home for all of your passwords. The only one you’ll need to remember is the master password, and LastPass does the rest. 

Big hello to this amazing digital family organiser that keeps Mr One Day P.A. and I in touch and top of things. I love it because it has a shared calendar so everyone can see events and activities in the one place, we can share to-do and shopping lists, store recipes and plan meals. Don’t be scared, it’s really easy to use, believe me if my hubby can master it then anyone can!

Basically, an electronic notebook that helps me stay organised wherever I am whether at work or at home. It’s an app for your smart phone, tablet, or computer and can capture ideas and inspiration in notes, voice, and pictures. It’s a ripper because it syncs automatically across all your devices and operating systems.

Email Auto Replies
Set auto response emails telling people the hours you check emails each day. It’s open and honest communication and people know why they haven’t heard back from you, and when they can expect to. Also, if you’re answering the same customer or colleague emails on a regular basis then I urge you to set up a template to use, saving you time writing the same email every time.

Getting the troops out the door, battling other shoppers in the aisles then waiting in line? No thank you. Do your order online and a) pay a small delivery fee to your house, or b) set up click and collect with Coles or Woolworths where you go to the store to collect your order, or c) have someone go shopping for you (I might know a gal who can help out ;))

If you can, set up an autopay for your bills every week. It’s a game changer. And, this way, you won’t have to deal with bill shock or late payment fees.

Prepared Meals

Got a super hectic week and no time to cook but you still want to eat healthy? There are awesome portion-controlled meals from local businesses out there ready and waiting for us. They do all the hard work, all we need to do is heat and eat. Check out Daily Food Co they whip up fresh, hearty meals (the portions are amazing) and they have a new menu every week. Simply place your order, pick up or they can deliver.

Or, head to Fit Fast Food in Belmont, do your meal prep online, place the order and pick up when you’re ready.

Kids party bags
Yep, even these can be automated. Order pre-made lolly bags from local confectioners for your next kid’s party. It’s SO easy and perfect if you’re a naughty nibbler like me (aka one for the kids, one for Lou) because you won’t have to a) buy any lollies or b) replace them (guilty as charged, here).  I highly recommend Freckleberry or Yummy Mummy Lolly Shop

If you’re keen to get automated you can start right now by opening your calendar, looking at your tasks and seeing what has potential for automation.

*Remember, the aim is to take back control of your time so you can focus on the good stuff (not add more items to your To Do list)

There you have it. I hope you found these ideas helpful. If you need help setting up some automation systems in your home or workplace, send me an email and I’ll be happy to help.  

Lou x