When I say the word declutter most people shudder, the thought of trawling through years worth os ‘stuff’ is just too much to bear but when I tell them that they can make some serious cash from selling their unwanted goods the mood quickly turns and motivation levels increase because who doesn’t love making a bit of extra cash, hello travel fund?

In the past 6 months alone I have not only helped clients clear clutter from their homes, opening up a new life of calmness but collectively earned in excess of $20,000 by helping them sell their unwanted goods.
– A wardrobe makeover netted a client $1,600 from selling off clothing she no longer loved or fitted into she used these funds to purchase flights to Europe and promised me she would’t restock her wardrobe while there ????
– One ginormous garage declutter brought in $815 from the sale of old doors, tools and other nik naks that were no longer needed, this client was beyond happy as they were simply going to throw everything in the skip!
– A full home declutter saw a family make over $1,500 in sales from things like unused and never opened wedding gifts, unused snow equipment, clothing, baby, and children’s bits and other electronics that were simply taking up precious space in the home.

So are you ready to declutter and make yourself a bit on the side?

It’s simple, and can be done from the comfort of your home, you don’t need fancy equipment. If you own a mobile phone with an inbuilt camera then you’re set! But what do I sell I hear you ask?
Some examples of items that I have great success selling are:
– Furniture in excellent condition
– Home decor
– Old mobile phones
– Kitchen appliances
– Clothing from well known and quality brands
Next steps…

Firstly: Put aside things you might like to sell. Check the quality and ask yourself, would I buy this in the condition it’s in? Be realistic about the price, just because you paid $500 for it 8yr ago doesn’t make it worth $250 now remember it’s used and you need it gone so price accordingly, you can check on eBay what similar items have sold for to help you price correctly.

Next: Take some photos, make sure you capture special details and images from all angles the more visual description you can give people the better your chances of selling and whip up a product description being honest about any faults or design flaws, the last thing you want is a successful negotiation to fall through because you tried to hide imperfections.

Then: List the items on sites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that there is a fee attached to selling on eBay, Gumtree and Facebook are free to list. If possible always ask for payment via a secure seller protected gateway such as PayPal.

Truthbomb: Be prepared to answer numerous buyer questions, more often than not buyers don’t read the description so be patient and courteous, the process does take time and energy but the reward of clearing clutter and making some money is well worth it.

And, if it all gets a bit much, my team and I can list and sell your items for you, to find out how click here

Lou x