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One major roadblock for people wanting to tackle a decluttering project is knowing what to do with the things you no longer want? I suspect you all know and understand the concept of recycling (aka compliant stuff going into the yellow bin), but have you heard of the word upcycle?

With ‘National Upcycling Day’ held recently, I thought it a great opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful world of upcycling. In a nutshell upcycling is taking something that is of no use, broken or old and breathing new life into it keeping it out of landfill and into the hands of a new owner.

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The term upcycling started trending in 2002, and was designed to combat the growing waste problem in the world today.
Truthbomb: In our modern society we chuck away so.much.stuff. The average Australian family of four people makes enough rubbish in one year to completely fill a three-bedroom house from floor to ceiling (source: City of Greater Geelong)

Basically, upcycling is a way to focus on the sustainable use of our household goods instead of being wasteful.

Here are some more really simple ideas that you could DIY:
– Use an old ladder to store towels in the bathroom or a scarf rack in your bedroom
– Old wooden boxes work brilliantly as shelves. Go with the rustic timber look or give them a lick of paint – perfect for the home office or kids bedrooms.
– Old t-shirts can be turned into reusable cleaning rags and work great for cleaning windows.
– Glass jars make great vases, food storage containers, and craft supply containers, vessels to make candles, give gifts, and bring meals to work.
– Use an old colander as a hanging basket – simply plant up with pretty flowers and then string up

Get the kids on the bandwagon, too. Chat to them about the effects of being wasteful and our impact on the community.

So you want to get down with the world of upcycling?
Geelong is ALL over it. I recommend you check out these awesome locals doing great things.
The team at Urban Upcycle provide a free service to businesses to collect their clean waste. This waste is then repurposed into art and craft supplies and sold via retail sales. The team provide education programs, and offer crafting birthday parties and workshops.

In the Geelong region we have access to three repair cafes where you can take something you own that’s in need of repair and and get it fixed for free with the help of an expert volunteer. Locations and open times can be found below
Highton Repair Cafe
Geelong West Repair Cafe at One Care
or Surf Coast Repair Cafe
Just to be clear: I’m definitely not saying no more lovely, shiny things (shout out to my beautiful new fridge), but perhaps we can start thinking a bit more about different ways to reuse things we might assume are completely useless at first glance.

I hope this can give you a little motivation to tackle that decluttering job you’ve been wanting to do for so long, and of course if you need help from an expert send me an email I’d love to help.

Lou x